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Shorten your links with Shurly and display your message before showing the content of the link. Now you can promote the cause you support, business you just started or a funny gif without writing any content. Just find interesting content from the web and start sharing it with your audience using Shurly while promoting what you support. Download and start using for free!

1) Find

Look for interesting content from the internet that your audience would love.

2) Choose

Select the message you want to display before showing the content of the link.

3) Share

Share the shortened link on social media as posts or 'swipe up' stories.

Display Images
Text or even GIFs

Your message (Ads) can show a poster of the cause you are supporting or flier of your business with text/gifs to make your Ads more interesting. Trying is believing!

Analytics Help
In Measuring Your Success

Your 'Shurly links' will give valuable insights including the number of clicks and location of your audience. Reach more people while measuring the success of your links with Shurly.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

We are and will always be free for all the causes you support.



For Individual Uses

  • 1 Message/Ad
  • Unlimited links
  • Analytics
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For Large Organizations

  • 10 Messages/Ads
  • Unlimited links
  • No watermark
  • Analytics
  • Dedicated Support
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People click on links they find interesting and now you can display your message right before they read that article. Revolutionize the way you promote your cause or business on social media using Shurly and skyrocket your reach.